Matić Poljana plateau 3 km long, from Begovo Razdolje it’s easy walk 2.5 km. In the central part of the monument to the fallen soldiers of World War 2.  Are 26 limestone monoliths symbolizing the column of partisans who froze to death during the march here in February in 1944.

White and Samarske cliffs are one of the most popular hiking trips in Croatia because of the nature here created a gallery of incredible formations. Famous fingers (picture) ie. The narrow pointed rocks, one of our most exposed mountain motive. Vihoraški path connects Samarske and White rocks, passes impassable wild terrain and is one of the real mountain treat. Do not go on a trip unprepared!

Risnjak National Park hikers and all visitors who want conquering peaks and enjoying the beautiful views suggest the rise of the Great Risnjak (1528m) and Risnjak (1506m). There are several hiking trails, and you alone decide where you will go. For visitors who are not really prepared for climbing recommend a visit to the source of the river Kupa or touring educational path Leska.